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            The National Instructional Media Institute (NIMI) was established in 1986 at Chennai by then Directorate
            General of Employment and Training (D.G.E & T), Ministry of Labour and Employment, (now under Directorate
            General of Training, Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship) Government of India, with technical
            assistance from the Govt. of the Federal Republic of Germany. The prime objective of this institute is to
            develop and provide instructional materials for various trades as per the prescribed syllabi under the Craftsman
            and Apprenticeship Training Schemes.

            The instructional materials are created keeping in mind, the main objective of Vocational Training under
            NCVT/NAC in India, which is to help an individual to master skills to do a job. The instructional materials are
            generated in the form of Instructional Media Packages (IMPs). An IMP consists of Theory book, Practical
            book, Test and Assignment book, Instructor Guide, Audio Visual Aid (Wall charts and Transparencies) and
            other support materials.

            The trade practical book consists of series of exercises to be completed by the trainees in the workshop.
            These exercises are designed to ensure that all the skills in the prescribed syllabus are covered. The trade
            theory book provides related theoretical knowledge required to enable the trainee to do a job. The test and
            assignments will enable the instructor to give assignments for the evaluation of the performance of a trainee.
            The wall charts and transparencies are unique, as they not only help the instructor to effectively present a
            topic but also help him to assess the trainee's understanding. The instructor guide enables the instructor to
            plan his schedule of instruction, plan the raw material requirements, day to day lessons and demonstrations.

            IMPs also deals with the complex skills required to be developed for effective team work. Necessary care
            has also been taken to include important skill areas of allied trades as prescribed in the syllabus.

            The availability of a complete Instructional Media Package in an institute helps both the trainer and
            management to impart effective training.

            The IMPs are the outcome of collective efforts of the staff members of NIMI and the members of the Media
            Development Committees specially drawn from Public and Private sector industries, various training institutes
            under the Directorate General of Training (DGT), Government and Private ITIs.

            NIMI would like to take this opportunity to convey sincere thanks to the Directors of Employment & Training
            of various State Governments, Training Departments of Industries both in the Public and Private sectors,
            Officers of DGT and DGT field institutes, proof readers, individual media developers and coordinators, but for
            whose active support NIMI would not have been able to bring out this materials.

                                                                                      R. P. DHINGRA
            Chennai - 600 032                                                       EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR

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