Mentors Profile of POT Course


Assistant Director (Retd.) of Training from DGT
He has vast experience in various capacities as Assistant Training Officer, Training Officer and Assistant Director of Training.

He has Conducted ET classes (Engineering Training and workshop calculation & science subject) for all trades of CITS trainees.

As an Assistant Director he was in charge of the Training section in change of Principle of Teaching section and has Conducted PoT classes till June 2000.

At NIMI from 2001 to till date he is working as MDC member in the Development of Instructional Materials Engineering Drawing - Workshop calculation and science for machine shop group of trades. He has developed Engineering Drawing, Workshop calculation for electrical group of trades. Draughtsman Mechanical trade. Question Bank and question paper preparation and Tamil Translation. He has also translated various NMI publications books in Tamil.

He has prepared P.O.T material for two units for online program.